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Son of God Series

Exciting Novels Based on the Life of Jesus

Travel to the most pivotal point in the world’s history, and experience what the life of Jesus may have been like as He moves from infancy into His ultimate destiny.

This is the Jesus of the Gospels. He lives in a historic time when evil men oppress a nation, a time when sudden violence often disrupts traditional Jewish life. He has a family. He has friends. Heaven supports and trains Him, while the Evil One seeks to destroy Him. This is Christian Fiction that brings the scriptures to life!

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Featured Novel

Book 5 - Drink This Cup

The greatest love you can have for your friends is to give your life for them.

John 15:13 GNT

The last weeks of Jesus’ life move unhindered toward the cross and the tomb. Satan taunts and tempts.  Heavenly angels, forbidden to intervene, watch the sham trials, the horrific torture, and finally the crucifixion.  Between the crucifixion and the resurrection Jesus enters Sheol, the place where the souls of the dead wait in captivity for their promised Deliverer.  With the dawn on the third day after the crucifixion, deliverance comes for humanity, both the living and the dead.  The story continues until Jesus returns to the Father and sends the Holy Spirit to empower his followers.

About the Author

Sharon Lindsay is a mature woman with a full life of experiences. Throughout her life, in times of crisis and at turning points, the Lord has spoken clearly and specifically to her. It is only her relationship with the Lord that qualifies her to write. The Lord has given her a vision to write the stories of the Bible in modern novel form, to make them vibrate with life. She is a teacher and an intercessor who makes herself available for assignments from the Lord. 

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